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a travel of the awesome — LiveJournal

Jul. 16th, 2007

09:25 pm - Serial Superheroes

Somebody's been watching those gritty cable prison dramas. They won't let me watch those, but they allow me to view cartoons. Considering I hold the world record on comically-oversized-mallet-related-murders, does that seem like an intelligent policy to you? Or an even remotely sane one?

-- Alexandra Erin and Quinn Isley, Star Harbor Nights

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May. 9th, 2007

12:13 am - when I feel like doing nothing else....

Leaving Elle
© faboo for great avocado

Do you remember
i was twelve maybe eight
and we went down behind
the hollowed homes
of those who'd found our little hill

down between
the river and the woods
and you showed me a face
that we would only see
When seven a m wasn't too early

when we'd stayed up all night
Not long later we breathed in coffee
and made morning night
and you smiled while we laughed
and stroked my hair when we cried

You remember how
you held her hand
while i held her open
to fill with all the things
that would come spilling out

I never found out if
she forgave me
but of that of you
i'd no need to ask
With sifted bottle caps

with sifted teeth
i dressed my self
and of that we hardly spoke
but you touched my cheek
drank my gasps and returned with sighs

Barely six years later then
you stood so finally silent
as i sifted and weighed the warrants
of everything that i owned
And so this letter

now that i've discovered
just how much like me
you've slowly grown
when i'd thought i'd learned so much
from you

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May. 1st, 2007

11:01 pm - surrealism

© faboo

A belly full of asprin
pulls me down the aisle;
a bottle of conditioner whispers,
"I am unclean with the filth
of the dead."

My fingers fumble over
lipstick, eyeliner, blush
as they sing their colors.
"Eighty-fortyseven, thirty-twentysix,

The sun rises.

A woman on a box of Strawberry Breeze confides,
"I slept with the photographer."
My feet shuffle in their sleep
and clockwork men shout at patrons
from the ramparts of my ears.

I start for a woman who intimates,
"Sometimes, I touch myself there."
I am uncertain if her face
is on a box.

through the years comes the crazinessCollapse )

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Apr. 23rd, 2007

03:40 am - but this I like

copyright faboo (bitches)

acrid wet and pallid sweat
a step in now a stumble down
the pulse in flesh concealing mesh
and every beat a leaking heat

this prison no apple
a healing cage to grapple

blistered feet from daemon sleet
whispers black beneath the stack
these needles annealing and paper peeling
drip a drop cascades don't stop

the gun in radiation
grinning steel dilation

a choke a cough the gag a tongue to slough
the final fever the last true believer
grinning and awake the finally at stake
but and now are here the weak and wear

a simple loss a tremble dies
a failing scream of what if I

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03:08 am - manhattan air is good for my allergies.

by me.

As I breathe this again a new pollution,
a hue best forgotten
surfaces in the sea -
I am not prepared. And my eyes whisper
a word my lips take time to curse.
A sigh to chill my pulse;
I know no-one and am fortunate.

I will grow old with a beautiful woman
to whom I will say it over and over.
And when I let it play on my tongue
I will think how the word is strangely cheapened
when it is for others.
And yet I will forever remember
the one ear that never heard it.

And I will whisper her name
in sleep where I try to dream.
Punctuate my steps with her syllables;
dress my smile in her phonemes.
All while I shake the hollows
to empty my skull of yours.

I think I hate thisCollapse )

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Apr. 19th, 2007

11:36 pm - on idiotic phrases

I demand an end to the use of the phrase "slippery slope." Responding to an argument with "it's a slipper slope" is about the most hollow, insipid, and stupid ad hominen attack outside of calling someone a nazi. Basically you're saying "Oh, I'd agree with you - but I think you're too stupid not to start doing all kinds of crazy shit just because I said 'you're right' once." Why not just call them a fag, spit in their face, and be done with it? At least then you're being honest, and don't need to think up some kind of dodgy rhetoric.

ps. google ads think I'm in Jersey. wtfit?

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Apr. 11th, 2007

11:11 pm - Wack-ass Shit I Just Overheard on the Street, Part One

"... and I was told by a pimp*, when I was in my twenties, that the paradigm of a black woman - and there is a paradigm - the paradigm of a black woman... is money."

As my co-worker Al said today, some things you overhear sound like the speaker's trying out for a (very strange) sitcom. I don't even know what that comment was supposed to mean.

*Any sentence that begins with "I was told by a pimp" can't be going anyplace good.

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Mar. 12th, 2007

06:00 am - leftist programming paradigms

what does "everything" mean?

I'm pretty sure if you asked them, most Ruby people would say, that in Ruby, "everything" is an object. but that's not entirely true. Proc (and the other function-y classes) contains parts that are entirely opaque, meaning that, in ruby, code is not an object (though it can be wrapped in one).

I'm pretty sure that Lisp is the only language where "everything" means "fucking everything" (Smalltalk may have me here, but I am woefully uneducated in Smalltalk), where (with the notable exception of compiled functions) "everything" is a Lisp object (a list, a symbol, blah blah blah).

I've got to wonder if there's merit to having fucking everything be an object (or a function, or whathaveyou). at the very least you gain the ability to transform entire programs, at any point in their execution, to a different format (such as YAML), as well as a _very_ detailed view of the program's state at any time you like.

there are very weird consequences to making everything an object (at least they seem weird). thinking about everything objectively means entire functions must be represented by an object, which means their associated routine has to be as well. for a lot of language constructs, that's not too far fetched. function calls, variable definitions, class definitions - all of that's pretty easy to swallow. but you also need to model flow control as objects. you need a reasonable way to represent selection, loops, and whatever strange things you include.

and if you do all of that, are actually helping anyone?

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Mar. 10th, 2007

09:38 pm - a grammar

Comments?Collapse )

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Mar. 2nd, 2007

02:07 am

I so want CSS to let me do LaTeX-like things, and CSS is so not LaTeX.

relatedly (and strangely), the strikeout tag is deprecated, but b and i aren't. that seems very contradictory.

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